The Web Website (hereinafter, the “Website”) is a Website, which contains advertisements of vehicles lease and enable booking of chosen vehicle to people using the Website (hereinafter, the “User”).


1.    A vehicle booking by the User is made based on: 1) the selection of the framework conditions for the vehicle lease, on the basis of the offers published on the Website, 2) creating an individual account on the Website or logging to the Website, 3) setting specific terms and conditions of the lease, 4) acceptance of this Regulation and a lessor’s regulation, 5) activating an activation link, sent by the Administrator on the User’s email address (e-mail). The activation link is being activated on the basis of login and password set by the User.

2.    Once the registration is done, the Website generates and sends to the User information about a reservation, which contains in particular: a number and a date of booking, data of the User, data of the Lessor, a made and a model of a vehicle, a period of lease, a date, hour and place of furnishing a vehicle, a date, hour and place of returning a vehicle, a lease rent. A booking information is sent at the same time also to the lessor.

3.    In the event of refusal an acceptance of the User’s booking by the lessor, the Website shall inform the User about it immediately, via email. In such case the Website may present a similar offer of another lessor, with a link to his/her regulation, as well as giving an activation link to this new offer of lease. Activating the activation link by the User will result in making a new reservation on the Website.

4.    In the event of accepting a User’s reservation by a lessor, the Website immediately confirms an acceptance of reservation to the User, via email (hereinafter, the “Booking Confirmation”).

5.    Within 24 hours preceding the start of a lease, the User may modify booking conditions for free or cancel a reservation via the Website. In such case the Website generates and sends to the User a new booking confirmation or information about booking cancellation accordingly. Modification or cancellation the reservation after this date is not possible via the Website and depends only on the lessor’s acceptance.

6.    In relation to Website users, who are consumers, it is additionally pointed out, that lease contract concluded via the Website is a distance contract in the meaning of the Act on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product of 2 March 2000. Such Website User may within 10 (ten) days withdraw from the agreement, what he informs a lessor in writing about. The Website is not meditating in the withdrawal from the agreement.

7.    When a lessor is not able to furnish a vehicle for the entire lease period for the reasons for which he is not responsible for, or furnish a vehicle at all, then he can make a replace performance – furnishing another vehicle, a different mark vehicle, with similar or better parameters and accessories to the vehicle specified in the Booking Confirmation. In this case, the rent indicated in the Booking Confirmation does not change. The Website User may, however, do not agree to furnish another vehicle and then a lease agreement is not concluded.


8.    In order to standardize the conditions of the lease, the Administrator shall publish on the Website the General Lease Conditions, which are a set of legal provisions applicable to all lease agreements concluded via the Website.

9.    General Lease Conditions may be specified by the lessor at the time of furnishing a vehicle, however, they cannot result in modifying lease conditions published on the Website.


10.   The vehicle is provided by the lessor at the time and place specified in the Booking Confirmation. The Administrator does not participate in any actions related to the furnishing of the vehicle or its return.

11.   Providing of the vehicle may be conditional on signing the lease agreement with the lessor, but only in the identical meaning as in the Booking Confirmation. The User may also be asked to present an identity card, driving license and to sign the consent form to the processing of personal data. The lease agreement can describe the detailed obligations of the user, as a lessee to the lessor, in particular regarding the conditions of using a vehicle, reporting faults, procedure in event of collision, or fees or penalties for improper use of the vehicle.


12.   A lease rent, like also any fees under a lease agreement, are regulated by the User directly to the Lessor. The Website does not charge with any fees from the User and does not mediate in their transmission to the lessor.

13.   Providing false or inaccurate personal data, as well as the refusal to provide personal data may result in a refusal of creating an individual account on the Website by the Administrator or refusal of performance of lease agreement by the lessor.

14.   The Administrator does not verify and does not hold liability for a content of lessors’ commercial offers, in particular for incomplete, incorrect or false information published on the Website. In the Booking Confirmation the Website provides a lessor’s contact data (an address of rental office and phone number).

15.   The function of the Website is to inform of vehicle lease offers, published on the Website by lessors. The Administrator does not conclude lease agreement on behalf of lessors. The Website does not mediate in concluding lease agreements, but only publishes offers of lessors. Using the Website is free of charge.

16.   The User may file a complaint concerning improper operation of the Website or the non-performance or improper performance of the lease by the lessors. The complaint is made by filling out the appropriate tab on the Website. The Administrator will inform the User about a method of handling the complaint. A complaint concerning non-performance or improper performance of the lease agreement by the lessor is only intended to inform the Administrator about any irregularities during the performing of the lease agreement, concluded via the Website and will serve to eliminate unreliable offers of lessors.

17.   Copyright to the Website belongs to the Administrator. Copying any part of the Website applications and publishing the information contained on the Website is prohibited.

18.   The Administrator reserves the right to publish advertising materials on the Website.