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Frequently asked questions

  • 21 years
  • Driving license for at least one year
  • The payment of the rent and security deposit at the time of pick
  • After booking you will receive an email with the details of the rental
  • Up to 2 hours (during business hours) confirmation will come by call or email from rental
  • And all that remains is to wait for the day of car pick-up




  • The payment is made by bank transfer or at the reception using a credit card or cash
  • For each rental spaces refundable deposit (700 - 1000 PLN dependent on the car and rental), payable in cash or by credit card in case of card payments measures are pre-authorized on a credit card and what is important after the return of the car (when it will be used to cover damage) can take some time 2-3 weeks until the bank it unlocks. Measures at this time does not become the property rental but still be blocked by bank
  • For each rental spaces daily limit of 100 - 300 km depending on the class and rental car, the force limit is exceeded about 0.20 zł - 0.30 zł for every kilometer over the limit
  • Most cars are covered by factory warranty so in case of any technical problems just make a phone call to the manufacturer for assistance line and the manufacturer is obliged to provide auto repair or replacement vehicle if the car is not guaranteed rental at your expense is required to substitute a new car in the same or higher class
  • In case of damage which is the guilty driver of another vehicle it is necessary to call the police and after delivery of the protocol at the time of repayment of the landlord is not charged any additional costs due to the damage sustained
  • When the event occurs the fault of the landlord, the landlord cover the deductible on damage to the amount depending on the rental are the amounts of the order of 500,00 zł - 2000,00 zł
  • All prices in our system are gross. Include 23% VAT

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