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Car Hire Wroclaw Copernicus Strachowice

If you travel between different cities or countries are often set themselves a question: Select auto or plane? If the choice is a plane from the airport then Wroclaw Strachowice becomes necessary to rent a car can be moved in Wroclaw and the surrounding area.

Wroclaw Copernicus Airport is located 10 km from Wroclaw because renting a car at the airport has become essential to be independent and to be able to:
- To visit family
- Deal with business matters,
- Rent a car in Wroclaw and the surrounding area from the OC,
- Explore Wroclaw and the surrounding area.
Our offer is not just a rental car at the airport in Wroclaw, but also hire the OC or rental vehicles.

Our fleet of cars is in excellent condition with low mileage prepared to travel before every rental while maintaining attention to the smallest details.
Rental costs start from 60 PLN / day and our consultants on the hotline will make every effort to ensure that any rent satisfied even the most demanding customers.

If you rent a car for the first time, we invite you to contact the helpline which will be explained in any doubt as a consultant to help you choose the best products that meet our customers' expectations.
Welcome to Wroclaw car rental at the airport 24 hours 7 days a week. - We rent a car in Wroclaw.