Car hire for the first time - read it!

Guide for "freshman" - that is all you need to know for the first time.

If the random situation forced you to rent a car then read some information before you start searching for the best company or car rental. First of all, do not be afraid to call and ask about everything. And that means everything:

  •      First of all, make sure the price you see is the final price and no additional fees or costs. Unfortunately, there are many rental market and offers in which we learn that the final price you have to add something extra. Best ask them to send an e-mail booking confirmation detailing the total rent.
  •      Read the rules or if you do not have it on the website, ask a car rental send by mail rental terms.
  •      If you book a car from the airport necessarily the booking process, enter the flight number or name of the city / airport from which you arrive. It is necessary to hire the workers to check the current airport information they were able to react correctly when the delay of the aircraft.
  •      Check the exact amount of the deposit and methods of payment:
  •          in most cases it is possible to pay a deposit in cash
  •          funds or pre-authorization on a credit card

and find out exactly how it works and in what cases a deposit is taken.

     Check what is the share of equity in the loss and consider the option to purchase full insurance.

Full insurance in most cases, operates in such a way that in the event of damage to the rental car during the entire responsibility takes over the rental and Lessee shall not bear their share of the damage.

     And most importantly rental service is becoming more and more common so there is nothing to be afraid of a reasonable approach to the topic and the wide road.
     Choose only reliable and best car rental companies.